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1460 Pelican Case

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
Protector Case

1460 Pelican Case

Model: 1460

Price: $145.74

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Pelican Case 1460 shipping case dimensions are : ID: 18.54" L x 9.92" W x 10.92" D OD: 20.85" L x 12.73" W x 12.63" D Weight: Empty 10.82 lb With foam 12.48 lb

Pelican Case 1460 shipping case comes standard empty, or with Pelican’s easy to use Pick ‘N Pluck foam. This foam allows you to customize the interior by removing pre-scored cubes of foam to create one or more compartments for your equipment. Simply trace out the item(s) you want in the case and pluck the foam out by hand. You can customize your case simply and easily.

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