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1460EMS Pelican Case

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
Protector Case

1460EMS Pelican Case

Model: 1460EMS

Price: $223.40

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Pelican 1460EMS shipping case dimensions are : ID: 18.54" L x 9.92" W x 10.92" D OD: 20.85" L x 12.73" W x 12.63" D Weight: Empty 10.82 lb With foam 12.48 lb

Pelican 1460EMS case offers a three-level fully customizable tray system with a lockable tray compartment for secure controlled substance storage. The trays fold out automatically when the lid is opend. A storage compartment fills the additional space under the trays and in the base of the case. A Sharp Dispenser is included and attaches to the outside of the case on the end.

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