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472-M4-9MM-6W, M4 & M9 Six Pack,

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

472-M4-9MM-6W, M4 & M9 Six Pack,

Model: 472-M4-9MM-6W

Interior Dimensions: 48.62" x 24.62" x 17.67" (123.4 x 62.5 x 44.9 cm) The outside dimensions are 51.75”L x 27.62”W x 21.38”H. The volume is 17.7 cubic feet with a weight of 79 lbs.

Call for pricing and availibility 800-515-1055.

Keep your M4s safe in this durable, weather tight weapons case. Designed to hold six M4s with attached sights, lights and accessories, it also can pack an addition of six M9 pistols.

Features Include:
* Pressure relief valve
* Humidity indicator
* Four comfort grip handles
* Lockable hasps

Weapon Configuration:
(6) M-4 + (6) M-9 (With Wheels)

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