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472-M4-M16-4, M4/M16, 4 Pack

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

472-M4-M16-4, M4/M16, 4 Pack

Model: 472-M4-M16-4

This durable plastic military shipping and storage container is designed to hold 4 fully equipped M4Õs or M16Õs or any combination of two M4Õs and M16Õs up to four. This airtight, watertight container also doubles as a lockable rifle rack able to keep your weapons safe and secure and at arms reach. This container configuration includes removable lid with plated Zinc hardware, 4 comfort grip handles, wheels, a humidity indicator and a pressure relief valve. The outside dimensions are 44,75ÓL x 34ÓW x 18.5ÓH. The volume is 16 cubic feet with a tare weight of 91 lbs.

Call for pricing and availibility 800-515-1055.

* Pressure relief valve
* Humidity indicator

Weapon Configuration:
(4) M-4 or (4) M-16 or with attached sights, or any combination of (3)

NSN # Description
8140-01-563-3580 Hardigg M4 / M16 Weapon Case, holds 4
8140-01-563-3581 Hardigg M4 / M16 Weapon Case, holds 4

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