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472-M4-M16-6, M4/M16 6 Pack

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

472-M4-M16-6, M4/M16 6 Pack

Model: 472-M4-M16-6

Interior Dimensions: 43" wide x 23" deep x 12.5" height. Exterior dimensions are roughly 44" wide x 24.00" deep x 13.50" height. Empty shipping weight is 60 lbs.

Call for pricing and availibility 800-515-1055.

Deployable, waterproof, durable transport and storage for a 6 pack of M16 weapons or any combination of M16s and M4s, lined up in unshakable custom security. Best of all, when the lid is removed, the weapons remain locked in the cases as a portable weapons rack.

Features Include:
* Pressure relief valve
* Humidity indicator

Weapon Configuration:
(6) M-4 or (6) M-16 or with attached sights, or any combination of (3)

NSN 8145-01-235-1111GG.

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