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472-PWC-SCAR, Rifle Case

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

472-PWC-SCAR, Rifle Case

Model: 472-PWC-SCAR

Interior Dimensions: 50.50" x 14.00" x 6.00" (128.2 x 35.5 x 15.2 cm)

Call for pricing and availibility 800-515-1055.

Pelican Storm injection molded case with HPX resin plastic body case with custom interior to hold (1) SCAR assault rifle (with or without scope), (1) grenade launcher, (1) spare barrel, (1) tool kit, (1) suppressor and (6-8) magazines with room for accessories. Full lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship, and breakage.

Sold in color black. Other colors available with mininum 25 piece order.

Weapon Configuration:
(1) SCAR-L or (1) SCAR-H with magazines Grenade launcher and spare barrel

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