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9440 Rals

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
Remote Area Lights

9440 Rals

Model: 9440

Price: $895.58

The most innovative RALS unit to date, the 9440 moves fast to light up ravines, confined spaces, riverbanks... anyplace generator lights can’t go. Deployed, the mast extends 7 feet high, shining light over low obstructions encountered by traditional lantern style lights. With a 120 degree beam spread and up to 2400 lumens, the entire emergency area will have the light you need for a safe and swift operation.

The 9440 is maintenance free, using super tough LED lamp modules and NiMH batteries for up to 6 hours of continuous light.

9440 Remote Area Lighting System
• Up to 6 hours of burntime
• 2400 lumens of brightness
• Maintenance Free LED Array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours
• Fully extendable mast with 360 degree rotating head
• Low Battery Warning System
• Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch
• Mast Extension Lock

Light Source
LEDType: High Flux LED
LED Life: 50000 hrs.
Tested Lumen Value: 1200 (Low) 2400 (High)
Lamp Heads:1
Number of LEDs: 10 per Head
Beam Spread: 120 degrees
Brightness Settings: 2

Power Source
Battery Type: 12v Rechargeable, Sealed NiMH
Battery Burn Time: 6 hrs. (Low), 3 hrs. (High)
Battery Charging Time: 8 hrs. from full discharge
Battery Life: 300 cycles
Low Battery Warning: Intermittent Blinking
12V Primary Sockets: 1
12V Auxiliary Sockets: 0
Voltage: 9.6

Dimensions & Weight
Head Length: 7.87" (16.5 cm)
Head Width: 7.87"
Head Depth: 3.50"
Width Closed: 7.87"
Length Closed:37.40"
Height Closed: 37.40"
Mast Height Extended: 85.0"
Cord Length:
Weight: 16.09 lbs. (10 kg)

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