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AL1010-0905 Pelican-Hardigg Case


AL1010-0905 Pelican-Hardigg Case

Model: AL1010-0905

Price: $289.08

Inside Dimensions: 9.93" x 10.00" x 13.95" Lid Depth : 5.25" Bottom Depth :8.70" Total Depth: 13.95" Weight: 10.0 lbs. Exterior Dimensions: (L x W x D) 12.93" x 13.00" x 15.64"

Case Features:
* Breather Valve
* Color Black
* Cobalt Black Hardware with Plastic or Steel Handles
* Molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines for splash resistance and tight seals, even after impact
* Reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection
* Pelican's patented Comfort Grip Handles
* Recessed hardware for extra protection
* Positive anti-shear locks, which prevent lid separation after impact, and reduce stress on hardware
* Molded-in ribs and corrugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added protection
* Patented molded-in metal inserts for catch and hinge attachment points.
* One-piece construction, molded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene
* No Foam

THIS CASE IS NOT RETURNABLE. Please order carefully.

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