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IS2117-1103 No Foam

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor
ISP Cases

IS2117-1103 No Foam

Model: IS2117-1103

Price: $461.45

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Dimensions are: Inside 21 x 17 x 14 Lid Depth 3.0" Base 11.00" / Outside: 24 x 20 x 16 (inches) Weight 20 lbs

Pelican-Hardigg ISP cases virtually eliminate load movement with its patent pending Inter-Stacking Pattern. Sized for military and commercial transportation systems. The ISP series fits perfectly in standard shipping pallets and in JMIC (Joint Modular Intermodal Container) containers Standard features include an o-ring seal (to ensure that the case stays secure and watertight in transit), an internal atmospheric purge valve, and up to eight "comfort grip" high-impact polymer handles (for easy team lifting). Lockable steel cable catches with cobalt finish, an integrated card label holder, and edge casters on select models for easy one-person transit and skid runners on larger models also come standard.

ISP Cases are available in black, grey, desert tan, OD green and Safety Red along with a host of optional features that include stainless steel hardware and a choice of
purchasing the case with or without layers of polyethylene foam.

Features Include:

* The unique Inter-Stacking Pattern allows any ISP Case to stack over any other ISP case
to support cross stacking. This builds incredibly tight loads that can save time while
strapping and netting
* Attachment points allow usage of the case in multiple applications apart from shipping
and storage (i.e. as tables, desks, benches, printer stands, and medical equipment stands, as well as walls)
* Skid Runners (standard on larger cases) provide the ability to move the case easily with a forklift
* Edge casters come standard on smaller cases and provide ease of mobility
* Rugged case meets military (MIL-810F ) standards
* Their o-ring creates an 'Airtight and Watertight' seal which protects equipment from water, sand and dust
* Offered in six sizes from 4 to 25 cubic feet

The ISP series fits perfectly on standard shipping pallets and in JMIC (Joint Modular
Intermodal Container) containers listed below:

* JMIC (new transport standard for US military)
* 40" x 48" Pallet
* 463L Pallet
* 1000 x 1200 Euro Pallet
* Standard shipping containers

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