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Mobile Bookshelf 472-BKSH-100

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

Mobile Bookshelf 472-BKSH-100

Model: 472-BKSH-100

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Deployable plastic book shelf case with a pressure relief valve, edge casters and three shelves to store books / manuals. Hardware color is black. The bookshelf has three small and three large compartments. The small compartments are 9" wide x 12.5" high x 12.25" deep. The large compartments are 14" wide x 12.5" high x 12.25" deep. Shipping dimensions are roughly 42.88" wide x 27.25" deep x 20.75" height. Empty shipping weight is 76.7 lbs.

Call for pricing and availibility 800-515-1055.

NSN # Description
8140-01-563-3091 Bookshelf, OD

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