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Ricoh SFXRC-3900 Secure Fax Case

Pelican Authorized Online Distributor

Ricoh SFXRC-3900 Secure Fax Case

Model: 472-SFXRC-3900-1

Interior Dimensions: 22.50" x 21.06" x 15.81" (57.1 x 53.5 x 40.1 cm)

Call to place your order and check availibility and pricing.

Deployable plastic AL2221-1204 container with a PE cushion insert designed to fit the RICOH Secure Fax model SFX3900M. This configuration includes hinged black hardware, a cable catch, edge casters, 18" bumpers, telescoping handle and a pressure relief valve. Outside dimensions are roughly 26.00" long x 24.50" wide x 19.50" high. Empty shipping weight is roughly 33.50 lbs.

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